Hunt for Red October

Cool weather and color and happy customers

I can’t believe the year is almost over. I was in northern Wisconsin last week exhibiting at Prime Choice Art show. It was 29 degrees while setting up at 6 a.m. Customers were donned in hats, mittens, scarves and coats. This makes trying on jewelry nearly impossible, but we prevailed! I had several happy customers looking for sterling and gemstone jewelry for themselves and as gifts for the upcoming holidays. It is not too early to begin browsing and making gift purchases. It was a lively day filled with music, fanfare, food, and many happy people in spite of the cold. There was homemade cheese curds, Boy Scout Treats and Beef A Rama roast beef sandwiches. This fueled us and kept everyone warm. And for future gift giving ideas, make sure you mark your calendar for my upcoming show.

Future shows

Art Works Fall Art Show

Saturday November 3

10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Klein’s Floral and Greenhouse

3758 E. Washington Ave. Madison

The color in the north woods is supposed to peak mid October, but we saw a previews of the colors to come. One of my satisfied customer displaying her new sterling silver and Lake Superior Agate pendant.

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Happy New Year Everyone!

New Year resolutions.... hmm, let me ponder that one?  First these should be doable.  I don't want to bog myself down with details, trying to attain so many, I fail.  So here they are:

l.  Write in this blog space monthly.

2.  Write my newsletters quarterly.

3.  Add another precious metal element to my designs.

4.  Continue to create and love what I am doing.  I think that is enough.  Oops, I forgot to add one more.

5.  Take the UW mini course on phone photography.  This should help me become less frustrated taking photos of my jewelry.  Right?  And learn how to put them on this blog with efficiency.  

Entering the holiday zone

Holiday shopping can be fun.

This is when the pressure seems to begins for the upcoming holidays.  The Christmas  advertisement onslaught is monotonous after a few weeks of being bombarded from T.V., radio and print.  Alas, a refreshing idea!  Try small, try local, try ART.  There are so many art venues in Madison and the surrounding towns.  One need not look too far to find a quiet haven of retail art experience,  A few suggestions close by.

Paoli Road Mercantile art gallery.

Woodland Studios in Stoughton.  woodland

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Happy October - New show this weekend!

Hello,  I am happy to be participating in the Madison Weavers Guild Fine Art and Craft Show this weekend at Olbrich Botanical Gardens Saturday and Sunday from 10-4 both days.  After several weekends of visiting family and observing the beautiful color changes in the north woods of Wisconsin.  I have let the creative juices flow and have fabricated several new designs that will be available this upcoming weekend.  Think Holiday gifts!  So drop by and say Hello.  I'll be in the lobby.  This is a great show with lots of original art inventory from local artists.

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Happy Fall!

Hi Everyone,

I am exciting about this new feature on my website.  Bear with me as I learn to navigate this.  

Autumn is a great time to. take a step back from the hectic summer and before the upheaval of the holidays begin.  I enjoy taking walks, observing the dramatic color changes and allowing my mind to wander.  I am in-between shows right now, which also allows me the luxury of slowing down, sketching designs, figuring out the "how to" of the design process and then finally, fabricating the pieces,

I will be sharing photos of my new works with you, hopefully on a weekly basis.  So if you missed it on FB or Instagram or Pinterest, you can come right here and see it all.  If you have questions about materials, techniques, colors or what type of stones I use .   Just ask!  I may have missed something in trying to pull this all together, 

Art Fair Off the Square in Madison, WI

Hi there,  this year's Art Fair Off the Square had the most perfect weather on Saturday and Sunday.  Sunny and low humidity. This  made it especially delightful to walk amongst the vendors and visit and view all the great art available at this years show.  We had an outstanding turnout of interested customers.  


Thanks for stopping by. I'm looking forward to using this space to share my process, techniques, and discoveries. Check back soon!