Happy Fall!

Hi Everyone,

I am exciting about this new feature on my website.  Bear with me as I learn to navigate this.  

Autumn is a great time to. take a step back from the hectic summer and before the upheaval of the holidays begin.  I enjoy taking walks, observing the dramatic color changes and allowing my mind to wander.  I am in-between shows right now, which also allows me the luxury of slowing down, sketching designs, figuring out the "how to" of the design process and then finally, fabricating the pieces,

I will be sharing photos of my new works with you, hopefully on a weekly basis.  So if you missed it on FB or Instagram or Pinterest, you can come right here and see it all.  If you have questions about materials, techniques, colors or what type of stones I use .   Just ask!  I may have missed something in trying to pull this all together,