metalsmith Kerri Shannon


I am a metalsmith who creates hand-fabricated original jewelry for the well-dressed woman.

Jewelry Artist Kerri Shannon

Each piece is designed and made by hand in my Madison, Wisconsin studio using precious metals, gold and silver, and semi-precious and precious stones.

These wearable works of art are elegant and modern. 



I began my journey as an artist when I enrolled in metal fabrication courses at Madison College.

Since then, my original designs have evolved and are highly technical. All of my jewelry is hand-fabricated, including handmade clasps and chains.

My artistic style is modern and understated with inspiration from

from nature and architecture. My pieces explore the interplay of organic textures and contemporary lines.

My jewelry is exhibited and sold at art shows and fine art galleries throughout Wisconsin, including Madison, Paoli, Stoughton, Door County, and Minocqua.

I would love to hear from you!